Cloud platform for mobile solutions

Smarter customer engagement  |  Higher employee productivity  |  Mobilize business operations

Smarter customer

Engage with your customers over
the ubiquitous mobile medium

Higher employee

Equip your employees with the right tools
and information for maximum productivity

Mobilize business

Leverage the power of the mobile medium
in automating routine business tasks


IMImobile OPENHOUSE unleashes the power of the mobile medium for your business. You can quickly setup multi-channel mobile engagement services using our ready-to-use business tools. For developers, the platform exposes telecom operator assets as APIs converting telecom networks into smart pipes.

    OPENHOUSE Provides

  • Easy

    Integrate OPENHOUSE platform capabilities with your CRM and other business applications using our APIs.

  • Enterprise grade

    In addition to high levels of throughput, availability, scalability and security.

  • elastic

    Backend infrastructure that scales as your business grows.

  • 24 / 7

    Our technical support is available round the clock.

See what it is

OPENHOUSE is a cloud-based platform that enables services across mobile and social channels for customer engagement. Popular services that thousands of businesses have used are available as ready to use applications. OPENHOUSE also acts as a framework on which custom solutions can be realized in a short time.


  • Enterprises

    Quickly and cost-effectively create new customer engagement solutions. You can do it yourself or contact us for customized solutions.

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  • Developers

    Use our standards-compliant APIs to easily incorporate mobile messaging, voice and other capabilities into your applications.

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  • Operators

    Drive new traffic, foster innovation and open up new revenue streams from investments you have already made in your network.

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  • Case studies

    See how businesses from different industries are using OPENHOUSE.


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